Intelligent interventional charge capture

iRCODER takes the guesswork out of interventional billing, slashing overhead for training, auditing, and refiling that can take weeks. Current rules are embedded real time, ready right at the point of procedure.

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procedure codes generated by iRCODER to date.

Software features


With our experts tracking Medicare updates and payor rules, iRCODER stays current so you can rest easy. Plus, our compliance with HIPAA and SOC2 keep patient data safe every step of the way.


When you go straight to the source, nothing gets lost in translation. By capturing charges directly at the point of procedure, hospitals and physicians eliminate missed charges.


High-dollar procedures come with complex coding and billing rules. iRCODER's built-in intelligence cuts costs and reduces rejections, saving hospitals over $1M on average annually.


With so many steps between registration and reimbursement, charges can cycle in billing limbo for weeks. iRCODER eliminates the tornado effect, letting your workflow... well, flow.