“ WE LOVE IRCoder!! IRCoder has made coding procedures really simple. The step-by-step instructions and easy to understand explanations are very helpful in coding new procedures. Also, Scott Johnson is the BEST! He is very good at answering our questions and concerns promptly. The IRCoder is a MUST HAVE in any Interventional Lab. ”

H R, Staff Technologist
Wayne Memorial Hospital, North Carolina

“ It was great to work with the whole team of iRCoder and I appreciate all the help I have got from Scott and [Andrew] on this interface. Personally, this has been the fastest ADT interface I have ever implanted. ”

K J, Integration Project Management
eClinicalWorks, Little Rock, AR

“ iRCODER has been and continues to be a priceless asset to our Cardiac Cath / Angiography Lab! This invaluable tool has assisted us in capturing codes that our facility would have otherwise not known were billable. iRCODER is extremely user-friendly and the company support for the product is outstanding. We would highly recommend iRCODER to any Imaging Department that performs interventional procedures! ”

R.W., Radiology Systems Analyst
Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, NC

“ I am an RT(R) employed in Dothan, Alabama. I have the pleasure of working in a Hybrid OR where we do percutaneous and open procedures. We do our billing through IR Coder. I recently attended a class with Scott in Atlanta, GA. Coming from basic xray into the vascular world, I found it very challenging until I learned IR Coder. This system is user friendly and so extremely easy to understand. I found the class to be helpful and would recommend everyone who has anything to do with IR Coder to take it. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding coding and anatomy. ”

R.S., Radiologic Technologist
Southeast Alabama Medical Center, Dothan, AL

“ I’m writing you my thought about IR coder, and the Inventory system that we became involved several years to help us with our coding and inventory problems in Interventional Radiology. With some of the exam we do in an Interventional radiology we have found that we have missed charges on our patient’s exams. We have grown over the years and find that our inventory is too hard to manage expiration dates and par levels. Due to this we have found that we could not do our job without the IR coder assistance the inventory system that is now married to the iron coder. It is very user-friendly and allows us to track and monitor our supplies very closely. We have found that we can monitor how much an individual’s physician uses per case and see what the usual supplies are for different types of cases. This allows us to better prepare for that physician and allow us to have the supplies on hand. We can see how much we use per month or per week and then judge by that what our par levels should be for any given product. It allows us to see what inventory we used by running a report of what inventory moved in last 30 days. We also run a report to find out what's going to expire next 90 days. This allows us to go through and take those supplies out of the system. Then call the vendors for consignment or large price supplies. Most vendors will normally change their product with new expiration dates. The system also allows us to manage our consignment which is really confusing area when trying to determine if the product is owned or on consignment. By allowing us to see what is on consignment then we can better manage it. We have found IR Coder to very user friendly and vital part of running our Interventional Lab. ”

M.B., Interventional Radiology Technologist
Sharp Healthcare, Chula Vista

“ As you all know, we prepped for IRCoder while we were preparing for EPIC go live. Our EPIC go live and our IRCoder go live was Dec 6 2015. Even though we worked very hard to be prepared, it was a very challenging time. There were many new modules of EPIC that were integrated in our go live and I can tell you, I dreaded adding IRCoder to our list. However, IRCoder was all that we had been promised, and more! Our staff were well trained by the IRCoder team on the Thursday and Friday before go live and they were there to support and walk along side us as needed to help us succeed. For that, I am so thankful. It was a piece that I did not have to be concerned about. The process is so well defined and the support was so evident that our staff had total confidence. As you know, coding of procedures can be very complex. Your program makes it correct, complete, and efficient. We particularly like the ability to assist the physicians with their coding through IRCoder as well. The IRCoder system meets the needs of Interventional Radiology, Cardiac Cath Lab, Electrophysiology, and Structural Heart. New procedures and guidelines are added..insurance and Medicare updates are applied automatically. Again, thanks team for your excellence, your commitment, and your presence! ”

B.M., Manager-Ray and Kay Eckstein Cardiovascular Institute
Mercy Lourdes Hospital, Paucah, KY

“ Currently our facility offers Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular services to the rural population of Northwest Georgia. We operate out of four procedure labs and average over 3000 procedures annually. Prior to using the iRCoder software for inventory management, we utilized two staff members to maintain and order our Cardiac and Peripheral supplies. Because of our size and staffing limitations, these two associates also worked in the procedure labs and managed supplies between cases and during downtime each day. They had the overwhelming task of manually rotating inventory, checking for expired items and reordering supplies as needed. This was often very challenging on days with higher case loads. With the introduction of iRCoder, this process has become much less involved for these two associates. Upon logging in to the software, the first thing you see is a bar graph that shows expired items and items that will expire in 60 and 90 days. By simply clicking a button we are able to run a full report of items that have expired and can go directly to those items and remove them from inventory. This is a great time saving tool for our staff. We are also able to set up par levels and reorder supplies as needed. Although we are not currently utilizing this feature, the iRCoder software is capable of interfacing with our supply order system and can automatically reorder supplies when the par level drops below a set limit. As with any computer-based software system, there is a learning period. The support team at iRCoder is excellent. They are extremely knowledgeable of the system and help is easily accessible. Before your go-live date you will receive training on the software in a classroom setting free from distraction and interruption. This will allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your staff and decide on the type of workflow that works best for your facility. In addition to the above features, iRCoder also has a very robust reporting tool which allows for creating a variety of inventory reports. These reports allow us to monitor inventory used and also to create productivity reports. We are able to produce reports of frequently expired items which allow us to avoid purchasing items that are not used often which saves us money in the long run. The inventory usage report is a great tool and you will find that you have the ability to customize it to produce a variety of reports. We often create inventory usage reports by individual physicians which allow us to see what supplies our doctors use most often and create financial reports based on inventory used. We are also able to create inventory usage reports by product manufacturers, specific products or devices, or even by product numbers or lot numbers. As I mentioned previously, the reporting tool is very robust and easily customized to meet your needs. The introduction of iRCoder at our facility has greatly improved the efficient operation of our procedure labs. The inventory management tool has provided us with a much more precise control of our inventory and eliminated unnecessary waste of supplies and time. It allows us to provide feedback to our physicians on inventory usage and gives them the tools that they need to be more efficient. It allows us to provide useful information to hospital administration regarding spending and utilization of resources. I fully endorse and recommend this software as a useful and necessary tool for any hospital procedure labs. ”

J.W. RN BSN, Cardiovascular Services Manager
Hamilton Medical Center, Dalton, GA

“ We have been using PIIMS inventory management for almost two years now. You can have reports ran of many kind, as well as they can build you pretty much any report you can think of. We have vendors recalling inventory of certain lot numbers all the time. We can run a report of those lot numbers to find out if it was used on our patients or if we have it on hand. This program can/will save your hospital money just by keeping a good eye on your inventory. Many vendors have different rules on when they can exchange product depending the expiration dates. With the expired item report it makes It easy to maintain inventory several months away. We are very pleased with this PIIMS and will continue to use it for many years. ”

L.R., Inventory Control Specialist
Arkansas Heart Hospital, Little Rock, AR

“ IR coder takes the guess work out of coding peripheral, cardiac and electrophysiology cases. I like the ease in which you can access the web based application and start coding from the moment you start the case. The application remains 100% current with constant changes to coding sector. The other nice feature is that the application takes into consideration the type of insurance the patient has and codes accordingly. There help and support is phenomenal. Many questions can be answered by the end of a case or soon after. Modifying cases is easy and the print outs help the staff understand what the code encompasses for learning purposes. Daily I receive a printed detailed report of what was coded when, by whom, and total counts for the day. This program has been a welcomed change in the work flow of charging for procedures. ”

J. C., Dir. Cardiovascular Services
Mercy Health, The Jewish Hospital

“ Our system implementation of iRCoder began in September 2015. I cannot say enough good things about iRCoder’s application and staff. I have worked with coding/charge capture for interventional cardiology, radiology and vascular procedures for a very long time. In fact Belinda and Gary were my very first instructors. Interventional cardiology, radiology and vascular coding/charge capture was very complicated UNTIL the inception of iRCoder. The ease of using iRCoder is truly remarkable since it is set up in a step by step procedure process. The nurses and radiology techs always stated “I am not a coder”. Now, they don’t even realize that using iRCoder is allowing them to know the process of coding these procedures. As for increased revenue, I think many of us (if not all of us) can agree that this application has increased revenue for the Cardiac Cath Labs and Interventional Radiology (Specials) departments. Lastly let me speak to education. Education is very important in any organization. Organizations continue to struggle to have resources available for education. Belinda, Gary and Scott have been wonderful with educating staff, management, physicians and revenue cycle on CPT changes that occur. Not only do they educate but they are available for any questions, concerns or support you may need. Also, knowing that iRCoder will be updated routinely with coding changes takes the burden and responsibility off the departments. I want to personally thank you, Belinda, Gary and Scott, for developing such an excellent tool and making the coding/charge capture process much easier for departments to increase their revenue. ”

C.G., Manager Budgets & Coverage
Mercy Health, Corporate

“ IR coder is wonderful, it has made the technologist job much easier. The transition to IR coder has been very beneficial to our department. ”

A.B., Site Lead/Radiology Compliance Manager
Mercy Health, Lima

“ I wanted to say thank you again for your always quick response to my help request today. Whether it’s a question related to coding or an issue like today with trouble shooting user access you and IRCoder are always shockingly prompt with service. As easy and well put together as IRCoder is I never miss an opportunity to express my interest in purchasing PIMMS to my superiors. After almost five years with IRCoder I’ve yet to have an issue that wasn’t solved quickly ”

K.A., Clinical Supervisor, Cardiac Cath Lab
Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital, Paducah, KY